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How to trade binary options?

  • Select the underlying asset and expiration date.
  • Enter the amount of investment,Risk / Earnings ratio.
  • Choose direction, Up or down.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Why Binary Options?

  • Binary Options trading is easy to learn
  • Quick operation
  • Providing risk and fixed odds controlled

Simple and convenient

Give close attention to highs and lows of the set time on products. When your prediction is heading on the right track, you will definitely receive relative dividends.

Quick return

Could receive high rate of returns within 1 minute or less.

Trading Unlimited

Geographical dispersion. Worldwide and no limited locations. Download the program to deal online in seconds.

24-hour trading

24 hours operation. You can deal anywhere at any time as desired.

Fixed Odds

The fixed interest of the acceptable rate can predict the rate of returns. Thus, risk could be controlled.

Risk control

Risk rate of return is in control. You can set your trading ratio. Expired-out-of-the-money option still has a chance to utilize high risk rate of return to reduce risks.

Multiple products

Short-term trading is flexible. Binary Option could be dealt every week, every day, every hour, every 15 minutes or 60 seconds to fall due.

Hedging opportunities

Binary Option provides an excellent trading model and is also hedging to what we have in financial market nowadays.

Benefits of Forex Margin Trading:

  • Invest in the economy of a country, not the turnover of a listed company.
  • Foreign exchange is a trading activity from both buyer and seller. You can avoid many restrictions and buy at high point, sell at low point.
  • Can utilize surety to deal and the funds of investment can be less.
  • The larger the transaction, the harder the big investors can manipulate.
  • Effectively in control of investment margin and set a stop-loss limit to prevent investing loss.
  • Continuous operation for 24 hours.

Binary Option vs. Forex Margin Trading

Binary Option simply determines and analyzes the prediction of highs and lows within a fixed expiry period. Relatively, Forex Margin will be deeper and more complicated. Generally, trading depends on which type of currency you are interested in. Let’s review the pros and cons of these two investment options from a different angle.

The trading style of Forex Margin is speculating. Basically, we can still deal it from an investor’s angle after a long-term trading technical training. However, Binary Option will easily lead a beginner to a mode of gambling speculation. They tend to ignore technical analysis and the choice of trading timing. Because they lack accurate market training, the beginning investor might lose funds in a short period of time.

If you are looking for an easy and simple strategy that only requires a short-term trading training to increase profitability, Binary Option would be your best choice. You can place stock order with US$1 from an account with a minimum deposit of US$250. We believe that this requirement is easy and reasonable for first timers to step in financial investment field.

When you have a great amount of funds, Forex Margin can be your choice. For instance, you can pitch funds into Forex Margin for days, months or even years to maximize profits unlimitedly. However, if you set an incorrect stop-loss limit, you will experience a big loss. Oppositely, Binary Option provides a set of fixed rate of return to precisely calculate how much profit you can make; for example, if you place a stock order worth US$10, the maximum loss will be only US$10. If we set the rate of return as 90%, the net profit will be US$90 when you place stock order worth US$100.

Binary Option doesn’t provide leverages; thus, it doesn’t have the problem of lacking margin to receive a margin call or forced liquidation. For instance, if we open an account with US$1,000 and in the leverage ratio of 1:200 to invest in Forex Margin trading, we can receive $200,000. Please remember that an incorrect strategy in placing order and stop-loss ratio will create a big crisis to your account. Therefore, you should take a serious risk review before you proceed Forex margin trading.

Binary Option is free of transaction fees, commission service fees or overnight interests. These fees fluctuate according to trader’s conditions.

Overall, Binary Option is absolutely simple and doesn’t require too much calculation. However, Forex Margin may request investors to learn high-level technical analysis for a big challenge. We advise you to look into your own personality, interests and lifestyle. From self-observation, you can decide which financial investment to choose step by step.

Risk Control

Foreign exchange (Forex) market is as risky as other markets. Forex Margin trading can increase investor’s profitability, but also comes along with high risks. However, smart investors will not bail out on a high-profit investment because of the liability. We provide investors with advice to minimize the risk and maximize your profitability as follows.

Control Open Position Ratio in Each Deal
For a beginner, the rate of open position shall not be high unless you have good level of experiences in trading or a good trading record. If you do, then we advise you to expand your rate of position progressively. From our experiences, the secure strategy is to control the rate of open position under 5% for a beginner and 10% for an experienced investor (100 times of financial leverage).

Set a Stop-Loss Limit in Each Deal and Proceed Strictly
When the exchange rate goes to the beneficial direction, you can constantly minimize the stop-loss limit. (i.e. If you invest more, you can raise the stop-loss limit; when exchange rate falls, you can lower the stop-loss limit). When the exchange rate goes the opposite way, you should stop expanding the stop-loss limit, or else you will go against the original stop-loss limit that you set in risk management.

Set a Take-Profit Limit Can Also Reduce Risk
The minor profit in fluctuation during close position is not considered as real profit, but the profit from close-out investment is. In general, we can set the take-profit limit lower for short-term and higher for long-term trading. On the other hand, we should set our take-profit limit at least twice higher than stop-loss limit. It is worthwhile to invest when the potential risk of profit is higher.

The period of holding position shall not be too long because the longer you hold, the more risks you have. Therefore, the risk from short-term trading is lower than long-term.


The NASDAQ Stock Market (Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.,NASDAQ:NDAQ), is an American stock exchange. Owned by The NASDAQ OMX Group. Established in 1971, and it is one of the largest exchanges in the world by market capitalization.

Dow Jones Industrial Average,DJIA

Down Jones Index is one of the indexes created by Charles Dow of Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones & Company. Dow used this index as an indicator to the development of the American stock market’s industry. It is one of the oldest indexes in the American stock exchange market.

S&P500 Index

S&P 500 is an American stock market index based on the market capitalizations of 500 large companies having common stock listed in American stock exchanges. They are worth almost 70% of the American stock exchange market and considered as a leading indicator for the U.S. economy and the best representations of the global stock market.
Introduced in 1926, it is the indicator for the market standard of America’s top 500 large companies, and also an index for stock analysts to predict the trading movement.