Established in 2000, Cheng-Da Enterprise provides professional financial investment consultation services. Now, we offer professional investment advices to potential investors worldwide via the Internet, and design personal investment management programs.

Cheng-da began to invest in the foreign exchange market in 2007. That same year, we established a software developing department to perform professional data analysis studies from each individual investing case. Through the detailed analysis by the latest technology, we can precisely monitor data from each trading transaction and guide the funds to assist clients in increasing their profitability.

The security of our valued clients is our priority. We promise to analyze with reliable investment trading programming to achieve predictable and reliable investment returns.

Cheng Da Professional Service

Establis an Efficient Investment Model

Trading Mechanism of CHENG DA

  • Complete and well-operated trading mechanism
  • Completely developed and experimentally approved trading system for coordinated works between all sectors.
  • Trading system conforming to investors demands.