EA Programming Index

For more efficient results, you can create your own technical index, MetaTrader4, which can add more definition on top of other market indexes. EA Programming index creates a signal system to clarify and notify the transaction. This makes each trading transaction easier and safer for a beginner to reduce errors in transactions. It ensures each trading strategy to be completed and also saves investors’ time in front of computers.

EA Programming Operating Summary:
Raise and reduce the price of commodities, funds control.

Transaction Currency


Freedom System

Product Name: Periodic Tendency Operating System

Target: Currencies, Petroleum, Gold Futures

Characteristics: Provides detailed analysis according to the properties of target products and schedules the appropriate timing to come in and out of the market. Also offers stop-loss and take-profit limits for references.

This system can point out the adequate at-risk. Trading frequency is not as much as it used to be; therefore, it can ensure the safety of clients’ funds.

Reduce the frequency of in-and-out the market according to tendency and calculate in the gradual and stabilized logics to obtain a reasonable rate of return.

It is the best strategy for investors that are seeking for safer risk aversion.

The rate of return in investment is about 15% per year.
(Investment is always risky and this is just for reference)

Achieve System

Product Name: Binary Option Signal System

Target Subject: Binary Option

Characteristics: Multiple signal systems can guide users to analyze the properties and characteristics of each product. Provides relevant data for each time period.

Various signal systems and the use of miscellaneous alerts can raise client’s rate of profitability.

Provide relevant data that can guide investors to reach a higher profit rate for long-term, mid-term and short-term investment.

For professional use. Provides autonomic and rational advice on individual products.

Also can provide risk aversion to reduce risks.

Wealth System

Product Name: Day-Trader System

Target Subject: MT4(Meta Trader 4)

Characteristics: This system is designated for day traders and investors that are motivated to manage their investment. It also provides a strong price raiser system for utilizing short-term options to increase the rate of return with reasonable bargaining chips in a short period of time.

No need to pitch in funds in the market for a long period of time for short-term investments. That helps reduce the unpredictable changes on economic data and the rate of return.

Built-in spreadsheet to determine the risk value and the rate of return. Utilize good size of funds in short-term investment to receive a huge profit.

Suitable for experienced and professional investors. Proceed with risk management strictly.

Risk Control by Software Warning

The information provided by Cheng-da Enterprise is only for investor’s references. We will try our best to provide accurate information gathered from technical team’s resources. We are not guaranteed to any integrity, timing, and accuracy of information when other factors happened unconditionally. Cheng-da, its partners, share-holders or our employees are not obligated to any responsibilities by laws.
★All subservient software comes with different risks in investment.

Logics in Trading Strategy by Using EA Programming

  • utilize the short-term volatility of currency price and perform hedging strategy to catch price volatility for stabilizing profits.
  • adapt strategic size of transaction to manage risks in investment.
  • leverage is like a sword. Utilize leverage effect along with risk management to result in loss or profitability.
  • work with relevant technical indexes to stabilize trading.
  • through automatic trading programming, it can strengthen the profitability by avoiding manual disadvantages.
  • managed by various programming to reduce risk.
  • choose currency variety to proceed with deals. It can decentralize risks and reduce the targets of coefficient of correlation among strategies.

Advantage of Technology

  • Autonomic Operation and Management.
  • Self-Selected Strategy Match.
  • Show Relevant Results from Strategy Match.
  • Entire trading transactions are on records for each account.

Easy-Access Programming

  • Select and create your automatic forex trading system setting
  • Activate and link your account to start dealing

Effective Management

  • Develop potential to increase the rate of return
  • Decentralized Investment
  • 24 hour operation
  • Provide variety of risk management to choose from

Expert Advisor Programming (EA Programming)

EA is a programming that can follow trader’s instructions to execute actions on the dealing terminal. Basically, EA converts a manual method into an automated strategy. Simply install an EA programming on your current forex trading platform and connect to your agent’s server by adjusting to your own settings, and then EA will begin trading by your designated trading strategy.

Principle of Operating EA Programming

1. Funds control
2. Strategy of stop-loss and take-profit limits management
3. Lots Position Management
Professional developers and providers of financial information create a precise financial decision-making system by constant development and research. It is the best analyzing system in the market, and assists investors to seize the best investing opportunities to increase profitability.

Bull & Bear Trading Professional Operating System

We can only perform Bull and Bear market trading in Forex market.
This system provides professional and accurate concept of Bull and Bear markets. To avoid financial crisis in the stock market, we can put more funds in the bull market and empty bear market trading for making profits. It will be the best tool for investors during consolidation.
1. Analyze inertia in the key currency.
2. Professional, experienced trading team for 24 hours trade-tracking.
3. Provide marketing studies and analysis system.
4. Comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each trading system.
5. Seek for steady profitability.

Operating by Profit Tendency:
No prediction for highs and lows. Followed by Commodity Channel Index (CCI).

Professional trading should place order at the low or high point by trends: lower and higher points always exist. Professional trading always trades by a tendency and adjusts when going against tendency. This is an accurate investment as more profit and less loss in a long term.

Determination in a Scientific Way:
Artificial Intelligence System precisely selects the best stocks

  • Smart System – Determine with rationality, but not with the weakness of humanity. It’s a true programming trading and selects stocks in time without asking anyone’s favors.
  • Artificial Intelligence System can precisely and rapidly select the best stocks for you.

Precise Signal System:
Assist investors to operate accurately and easily.

  • Smart System - Professional investors can easily distinguish BBI(Bull and Bear Index) to go in a profitable direction.
  • Provides risk management and help investors reduce loss and increase profitability.

Advantage of Software

  • Save time and energy to learn new knowledge and techniques.
  • Through professional forex trading system to construct an integrated risk aversion.
  • Be able to reduce risks and avoid the boundaries of weakness in humanity.
  • Automatic trading procedure and management.
  • Self-selected strategy match. Decentralized investment.
  • Monitor and build account transaction reports.
  • Variety of foreign exchange trading programming to choose from.
  • Develop potential and increase the rate of return.

The Benefits of EA

  • Loosen the tension while making a deal –decrease dealers’ responsibility from decision-making.
  • Dealers don’t need to obtain deep fundamental analysis and technical knowledge because all the calculation has been done within the programming.
  • EA can effectively deal with trading signal without dealers.
  • Can report the usability of the dealing mode by EA.